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Do you need the best car accident attorney in Coral Gables to help you obtain complete compensation for the damages incurred due to a vehicle accident? It’s time to speak with the Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke! Our experienced attorneys are ready to attend to you in our office, your home, or in the hospital for your automobile accident claims. If you’ve been searching for “a car accident attorney near me” with us, your search is over!

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How A Car Accident Attorney In Coral Gables Helps

If you have been injured in an accident and you contacted us to serve as your car accident lawyer, we will work to obtain compensation for any losses incurred. These may include:

  • Medical expenses that are related to the injuries you had as a result of the accident
  • Lost wages linked to the accident
  • Pain and suffering from any injuries sustained due to the accident.

We also make a concerted effort to charge your insurance carrier to pay medical bills and lost wages in line with the “PIP” (Personal Injury Protection) section of your insurance policy. That’s why we are the answer to your “car accident lawyer near me” search.

The Best Action To Take After An Automobile Accident

Automobile accidents can be traumatic and lead to a series of confusion. Here are some important decisions you should keep in mind if you get in an accident:

Safety First

Safety First

Prioritize your safety and that of others. Keep your hazard lights on and find a safe spot off the danger zone where you can wait till any local authorities or health care providers arrive.

Make Important Calls

If you are conscious, you should call local authorities and report the automobile accident to them. Also, call for medical help if required. Finally, contact your insurance agent and report the accident.
Full Cooperation

Full Cooperation

You’ll need to cooperate fully with local authorities and first responders when carrying out their investigation of the incident.

Be Modest

Be Modest

If you are serious about your compensation, keep your statement brief and within your expertise, and ensure it revolves around the accident.

Obtain Vital Information

Obtain Vital Information

Take photos of the accident location, the damage done to the car, and the vehicles involved in the accident. Also, obtain the address, name, telephone number, and insurance details of the individual that caused the accident. Get the details of those who witnessed the accident, do not provide any oral or written statement from the driver or their insurer, or sign any documents linked to the automobile accident unless they come from medical providers, your insurer, or local authorities.

How We Handle This Information

It is with this information that we will investigate the incident. Also, as the best car accident attorney, we will work on your claim by obtaining all accident reports, inspecting the area and vehicles involved, identifying witnesses and recording their statements, preserving any evidence, and requesting other essential information. No doubt, we are the best car accident attorney Coral Gables residents trust.
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