People die every year from something called distracted driving, and it is very devastating for people everywhere. Many people do not know a lot about these kinds of accidents, and if they do, they might not know the severity behind it. With The Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke by your side, you will learn how important it is to drive safely and how serious these accidents are. There are a lot of scary statistics around distracted drivers because a lot can go wrong if you are not fully focused at the wheel. Around 26,000 people were in fatal accidents within the last few years, which is a large number. There are also many different kinds of distracted drivers, such as cognitive, manual, and visual. Cognitive distraction is when you are not thinking about driving, manual distraction is when your hands are not on the wheel properly, and visual distraction is when you are not looking at the road. All of these distractions are very dangerous, and we have a car accident attorney Miami locals need in these cases. Our team in Coral Gables wants to fill you in further.


Advice On Distracted Driving

There are ways that you can stop yourself from becoming distracted behind the wheel, and we are here to give you some advice. We have a car accident attorney that Miami residents swear by, so hopefully, the more people who take our advice, the more people will drive responsibly. One tip we have is to not text and drive. We know that you likely think you can handle it, but it is extremely dangerous and causes many deaths every year. When you receive a text message, and you are driving, simply park or pull over on the side of the road if it is something you need to look at or respond to. Another tip we have is to have the person next to you text back, so you can focus on driving while still responding to text messages. Our other tip is to not use your phone or any applications at all when you are driving. Accidents caused by distracted drivers happen in a split second, so do not think that you can take your eyes off of the road at any point.



You must seek proper help if you are a victim of distracted drivers. Our car accident attorney that Miami locals love suggests that you contact someone who can give you medical help if you were injured. We also suggest that you look into compensation for medical expenses, suffering in pain, emotional distress, and more.


We Are Here For You 

Knowing that you have a support system behind you in cases of distracted drivers is important. Our team will always be here for you to ensure that you are safe and always driving responsibly. It means a lot to us when people spread this message so we can save more lives every year. One text message is never worth someone else’s life.


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The Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke in Coral Gables promotes safety behind the wheel and wants to steer people away from distracted driving. Please call or visit us today if you want to learn more about preventing distraction on the road.

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