Distracted driving can be fatal. Each year in the U.S., thousands of people are killed in accidents caused by distracted driving. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimated that 2,800 people were killed, and about 400,000 people were injured due to distracted driving in 2018. That’s why at The Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke here in Coral Gables, FL, we’re dedicated to helping.


Learning about the consequences of distracted driving may seem overwhelming. Let us show you how to prevent distracted driving.


Why Is Distracted Driving So Dangerous, And How Can You Prevent Distracted Driving? 


Driving while distracted is so dangerous because it breaks your focus away from the primary task: driving safely. Even though it only takes a moment to check a text or call a friend, it could lead to a colossal error resulting in a car accident. This could impact you, your passengers, and others on the road. 


Texting is one of the most dangerous distractions while driving. Sending or reading a text takes your eyes off the road for about five seconds. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), at a speed of 55 mph, this is the same as driving the length of the football field blindfolded. 


There are three types of distractions; these include visual, manual, and cognitive distractions. These distractions can endanger others on the road. Those injured by distracted drivers can suffer severe and life-threatening injuries. 


Who Is At Risk For Distracted Driving Accidents? 


The CDC has undergone several studies that prove teenagers and young adults are most likely to be involved in a distracted driving accident. A 2018 study done by the CDC reported that twenty-five percent of fatal car accidents caused by distracted drivers were between ages 20-29. Not to mention, nine percent of all teens who lost their lives in car crashes were killed in distracted driving accidents. What’s more disturbing? In 2019, a CDC survey revealed that 39-percent of teens who drove in the past 30 days admitted to texting while driving at least once. 


Tips To Help Prevent Distracted Driving 


Distracted driving does not have to happen. The CDC offered some valuable resources that drivers, passengers, and parents can use to help end distracted driving:


  • Do not multitask (picking music, texting, adjusting mirrors, etc.) while driving.
  • If you’re riding with a distracted driver, ask them to focus on driving.
  • As a passenger, help reduce distractions by assisting with navigations or other tasks.
  • If your teen or young adult child is driving, talk to them about the rules and responsibilities of driving.
  • Understand your state’s distracted driving laws. 


According to The American Automobile Association, you can do some things to prepare for your drive to help prevent distracted driving. These include adjusting mirrors, picking music, setting up GPS, eating meals or snacks, securing children and pets, and taking care of any personal grooming for when you get on the road. 


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