When injured at work, the step you take after can have a significant impact on your claims. Do you work in high-risk fields? You should know the mistakes to avoid immediately after an injury. Thankfully, skilled lawyers at the Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke have listed the top 5 mistakes made after a job injury by workers in Coral Gables.

Top 5 Mistakes Made After A Job Injury

  1. Late Reporting- Most employees fail to report their accident to their employer right away. Why is that important? The law requires an injured employee to report injuries sustained at work to their supervisor or employer within thirty days. If you delay reporting the accident, the law will question the integrity of your injury.
  2. Failure To Disclose Previous Injuries- If the previous injuries seem minor, but for fear of losing your job you didn’t report, your failure to report that past accident could make you lose your compensation. The law might even consider it fraudulent if you fail to file a report for past injuries.
  3. Giving Incomplete Details- You should report all injuries. For instance, if the accident affects your back, arm, and legs, include all the details. If you fail to report secondary information, you won’t receive compensation for it. If you bring them up later, it will appear like you wanted more than what you should claim.
  4. Failure To Return To Work When You Should- Many refuse to return to work when they are fit. If you reject a position offer, it could translate to a voluntary loss of income. Even if you think you aren’t fit for that role, attempt it. When it’s clear that your current duty is beyond your power, your claim can be genuine. Do you worry about the payment that comes with the new position? Speak with an attorney!
  5. Fighting It Alone- This is another big mistake! Many injured workers always think they can do it alone without legal representation. Your employer and the insurance company will be consulting with attorneys regarding your case. So, why should you not do the same?

Navigating The Law

Even when your case seems direct, it’s best to speak with an attorney with experience and knowledge to represent your interest. Many situations might appear clear-cut to a layman but could have several loopholes your insurance company knows. Experiences have shown that insurance companies often excel in taking advantage of these flaws, manipulating workers so they can make mistakes that will invalidate their claims. But when you involve the best Coral Gables workers compensation attorney, your insurance company will get a signal that you mean business!

What Would You Lose?

Nothing! But only by consulting with a skilled attorney! Worker’s compensation laws are complex. It’s risky facing it alone.

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