Cycling is a fantastic way to exercise; it’s great for the environment and can save you money over driving. Unfortunately, if you’re a cyclist in Miami, Florida, it’s dangerous as well. Florida is often ranked as one of the most dangerous states for biking. Often cycling wrecks are the result of someone else’s negligence. It’s essential to ride correctly and to follow all safety rules. Because the rider is so exposed, accidents can be devastating. 


If you are involved in a cycling accident, The Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke can help you hold those responsible accountable. Your safety is the most important thing out on the road; that’s why we put together a list of bike riding safety tips and things you should do if you are in an accident. 


Bike Riding Safety Tips to Keep You Protected

  • Wear a Helmet – A bicycle helmet, sized to fit you, is one of the most important things a rider can do to protect themselves. Studies have shown that helmets make a difference and save lives.
  • Equipment Check – Make sure your bike’s tires are properly inflated and that the brakes are functional.
  • Stay in Control – You only have control of yourself. So ride smart. Do not ride while holding anything. Remain constantly aware of your surroundings. Avoid riding in dangerous terrain. And do not assume what someone else may be about to do. 
  • Be Seen – Drivers’ eyes look for other vehicles’ silhouettes. Even the most well-intentioned driver can overlook a cyclist. It’s important to make yourself as visible as possible. Day or night, wear bright neon clothes, flashing lights, and reflectors; use them to be seen and be safe.


Stay Safe on the Road

  • Go With the Flow – Ride in the same direction as traffic and stay toward the right side of the road you are on.
  • Follow the Law – Obeying the road rules isn’t just to keep you safe; it’s required by law.
  • Stay Consistent – Ride in a straight line as much as possible. Avoid weaving around vehicles and use signals to alert others on the road.
  • Eyes and Ears – Staying alert and safe requires that you use your eyes and ears while riding. Watch for vehicles, broken pavement, or any obstacles that may be on the road. Listen to the traffic around you and for anything that could be about to happen in your environment. A headset will hinder your ability to hear the environment around you, so do not wear one while riding.


What to Do After a Wreck

Unless you need medical care, wait for the police to reach the scene. It’s important to have details and information on record in the police report. Get the other parties’ information, but do not accept blame or engage in a lengthy conversation. Document all details as thoroughly as possible and seek the advice of a personal injury attorney.


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