Whether you have worked at your present company for years or just started, you may think that the chances of you suffering from a work injury are fairly slim, but you may be wrong. Obscure work injuries, such as burn injury cases, pop up every once in a while in the news, leading you to wonder how it happens. But these events can happen to anyone, at any time, and could have even happened to you without you even realizing it. The Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke in Miami can help you navigate your injuries and see if the workplace was at fault. 


Lawyer for a Work Injury

Going through your daily routine, it may not be completely obvious on what is a work related injury or not. Because people often fail to see a correlation between their injuries and someone’s negligence, they in turn fail to pursue a case in court and bring those wrongdoers to justice. The form of injury can vary, thus making it difficult to determine whether you were truly at fault or if the business or workplace was at fault. Slipping on a wet floor without any signs, spilling severely hot coffee onto your lap, hitting your head on low-hanging equipment without proper signage could leave you thinking these are the results of your clumsy actions, but could be the results of a faulty business or company in not alerting you to the dangers in the first place. Knowing and understanding the causes of your injuries can help you determine whether a lawyer for a work injury may be your next step.


Burn Injury Cases

One of the most famous injury cases to hit the news was with the story of Stella Liebeck, who claimed that McDonald’s acted negligently by selling her coffee that was “unreasonably dangerous” when she spilled the cup onto her lap, causing third-degree burns. Liebeck was originally awarded $2.86 million dollars by a civil jury, before the two parties came to a confidential settlement agreement, but this story has lived on for years and years, becoming what most people think of when it comes to suing a company for burns. But this is oftentimes the lesser heard of cases in terms of court lawsuits against companies for negligence. Burn injuries can be caused by the negligent acts of a person, organization, company, or entity in numerous ways, and most often overlooked by the very people who suffer from these injuries. An injury inflicted by someone with the intent to harm is a crime, while an injury suffered by someone who failed to show reasonable care is a civil matter in court. Depending on the severity of the burn(s), the individual suffering from the injuries or their family, can undergo tremendous amounts of physical and mental pain. It’s important to know who is truly at fault in these circumstances, and to level out the playing field when it comes to seeking compensation for your burn injuries. 



If you hired a lawyer for a work injury and are seeking justice, the process can be a long road ahead. Your legal representation can help you figure out the best course of action and plan for what the company may try to offer you simply to stop the proceedings and potential media outlets from hearing about the case. Thus in certain cases, you may be able to reach a settlement instead of taking things a step further. A settlement is an out-of-courtroom agreement made by both parties involved in the case. This settlement will typically close the case and please both parties in an agreement, at least to a certain extent. They are discussed between both parties and are essentially a form of compromise, leaving both you and the company satisfied that justice has been served, and you can better move on from the experience. 


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Did you experience a work related injury that may need further action? Burn injury cases occur more often than you think, and can be due to negligence of your company or workplace. Talk with the Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke to ensure you’re getting the very best in legal aid. Serving Miami and the surrounding areas for over thirty years, we will fight for you. Call us today! 

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