It can be jarring when you’re involved in a car accident, even if it’s a minor incident. The events are stressful, painful, and confusing as you try to navigate who is responsible and if anyone is seriously injured. Taking the right steps after the accident can save you a lot of pain and suffering if the accident was severe enough to seek damages, and you’ll thank yourself for trusting the law offices of Donald M. Kreke with your case. Our offices in Miami, Florida, fight for you and your rights, seeking compensation for the wrong you’ve had to endure. 


Crucial First Step

The most critical step you need to take after an accident is checking yourself for injuries. If you aren’t incapacitated at all, that’s a good sign, and you can ensure everyone else involved is okay as well. Even if through the extent of all the proceedings you still feel okay physically, it’s still important to be checked out by a doctor, no matter how minor the accident was or how symptom-free you may be. Even small incidents like fender benders can cause whiplash, thus having an exam to check for any underlying issues is critical. Also, there are many aches and pains that can build over time, even as long as two weeks out from an accident. Seeking medical attention can help you discover any injuries you may not be aware of and potentially deter or stop any symptoms or pain from developing over time, saving you a lot of stress and worry. 


More Steps Following A Car Accident

Calling the police and 911 if necessary will follow checking up on anybody involved in the incident. If you are not left with serious injuries following the accident, it’s also important to exchange your personal info with the other driver, such as insurance information like your provider and policy number, along with driver’s license and license plate numbers, and your contact information. Calling your insurance provider and filling them in on the details of the crash and all the other driver’s information can help you get your claim processed faster. 


Law enforcement may or may not come out to the scene, depending on its severity, so it’s important for you to take pictures of the crash and anything else that might help if it’s deemed necessary to continue into court. Taking photos of the crash scene and any other roadblocks or signs that may have contributed to the accident will help, as well as vehicle damages sustained to your car and the other party’s car and any visible injuries on yourself that are already appearing, such as bruises, swelling, cuts, scraps, or other injuries. 


Even if the police do file an accident report and do their own research, your pictures might prove more useful if you end up seeking a car accident lawyer in Miami to help you with a potential case. Speaking with any witnesses can help you better piece together the events, especially if they saw the other driver and their actions. Ask them if they would be willing to provide a statement and if they agree, gather their details and contact information. Getting as much information and statements as possible can help with your claim, and if it was the other driver’s fault, can help strengthen your case and lead to better compensation and for justice against the negligent driver.       


Last But Not Least

And if you do find yourself in a serious accident and you need help, contact a lawyer as soon as you can. It may be the last step in the process if the accident was minor or seems to be a fairly straightforward process, but that doesn’t mean that the proceedings won’t get messy later down the road, thus you should keep yourself protected. If it was clear to you that you are not held responsible for the accident and/or suffered serious injuries, then calling a lawyer should be your first step, especially if you are not able to conduct any information sharing or speaking with witnesses if you are incapacitated or need to seek immediate medical attention for your injuries. 


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