Distracted driving is becoming more prevalent today. A recent report published by the U.S Centers for Disease Control noted that nine people get killed daily in accidents where drivers were distracted while driving. Do smartphones play a role in some of these accidents? Yes! For example, in 2016, 2,000 tickets out of 18,000 were for drivers who were distracted by smartphones. 

At The Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke in Coral Gables, we realized that while some drivers get distracted with smartphones occasionally, some habitually engage in it. But, what form does smartphone distraction take? What role can be played in limiting smartphone distraction? What if a distracted driver injures you? What can you do? Read on!

The Role Of Smartphones In Distracted Driving

There are three types of distractions from smartphones. These include: 

  • Texting 
  • Talking on the phone 
  • Using the internet 

Distractions from smartphones are one of the causes of accidents today. Interestingly, some laws forbid or make the use of smartphones while driving illegal. These laws have benefited a lot of people! Accidents that result from distraction happen both on highways and interstates. In addition to texting, calling, and using the internet, there are other forms of distractions like eating, talking to passengers, and grooming that result in accidents. 

Stopping Distracted Driving

One of the best ways to halt smartphone distraction is to educate everyone who drives. They must get to know the dangers involved in the use of smartphones when they drive. School programs, especially, can be an excellent resource for emphasizing safe driving. Also, parents can teach good driving habits by their actions and words. They can specifically do this by turning off their phone when the engine is turned on. Parents can also install some smartphone apps that turn off phones before driving. These tools, alongside helping young drivers master good driving habits, also limit the rate of smartphone-based accidents. Anyone can be injured by a distracted driver. When that happens, what can be done? What legal options are there for you? Let’s find out! 

What To Do When A Distracted Driver Injures You

If you suffer injuries from a driver who was distracted by their smartphone, there are provisions for compensation. You’d need to consult a reputable car accident attorney to ensure that you get compensated. If you reside in Miami, you can obtain insight from the best car accident attorney Miami locals know and trust. They are willing to evaluate your case and verify if you are qualified for compensation. So, when your loved ones are involved in an accident like this, you need to get their help! 

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