Florida nursing home abuse often occurs without the knowledge of their family. Neglects and abuse in nursing homes can come in many different forms. Nursing home abuse around Florida has been occuring more frequently in many nursing homes. Florida has many nursing homes because millions of elderly people live here. Florida has so many elderly people so it’s important that we have great nursing homes so they can be properly cared for. It’s unacceptable for elderly people to be finding themselves in abusive situations in any nursing home. Every year elderly people move to Florida to try to enjoy the rest of their lives in one of the warmest and beautiful states. Senior citizen’s abuse and neglect can be prevented with the help of a personal injury attorney that has experience with nursing home claims. Nursing homes often aren’t even prepared for the unpredictable Florida weather. Florida is very prone to hurricanes and is consider a high-risk flood zone in the United States. Nursing homes often don’t have enough water stocked or even generators ready if a hurricane does develop. Extreme weather conditions in Florida are life-threatening and so it’s important to prepare so senior citizens don’t face unnecessary pain and suffering. Nursing homes often aren’t even staffed well and there are many nurses available to help the elderly. Eventually, senior citizens will stop deciding to retire in Florida because of the lack of acceptable care. 

Elderly Abuse and Unnecessary Treatments

If a doctor, nurse, or caregiver internationally harms a patient that isconsidered clear nursing home abuse. Senior citizens need to be able to trust their caregivers because their lives are in their hands. If a senior citizen or his or her family report abuse that nurse or caregiver could face senior legal consequences. Nursing home abuse through unnecessary treatments often results from nursing home fraud. Nursing homes will bill state agencies for unnecessary treatments for additional money. This healthcare fraud involves illegal billing that is supposed to be used for the daily care of your patients. Giving your patients intensive care can make nursing homes a significant amount of money. This is terrible because senior citizens end up taking extra medications that are completely unnecessary. Having additional treatments for monetary gain will cause patients to feel exhausted, tired, and increased pain that often can lead to death. Doctors prescribe specific dosages to patients because medication should only be taken in certain moderation to help us heal or feel less pain throughout the day. The Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke offers a broad range of legal services in a comprehensive array of practice areas, and handle legal matters throughout the State of Florida. Donald M. Kreke is located in Coral Gables, Florida and specializes in nursing home claims and elderly abuse claims. If your rights as a nursing home resident are violated, you may have a cause of action against the nursing home. Also, if you have a family member you feel has suffered from elderly abuse contact The Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke today!

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