It’s bad enough to be involved in an accident or injury in the Coral Gables area, but to then find out that your coverage may not pay for the full injury claim you filed can be devastating. What do you do? Who do you turn to? If you’re now looking for a lawyer for a work injury, call the offices of Donald M. Kreke. We can help navigate you through these confusing times and get you the money you deserve. Read on to find out more about the process and how you can better protect yourself. 


Adding Insult to Injury

Navigating the difficult road of seeking justice with an injury claim is not easy. Going through the trauma of the accident or incident itself is never easy, let alone trying to figure out the best course of action, depending on the defendant’s take on the situation. More often than not, most insurance companies will go ahead and pay the full amount that you’re seeking. The insurance companies are contractually obligated to give you what you need to help cover medical costs and whatever else is involved. It’s pretty much the number one reason why people carry insurance. 


There are rare cases though where the insurance company will not fully pay out the claims you are seeking. Oftentimes, a lot of others aren’t insured or don’t have enough coverage to award higher paying claims, leaving you with the full bill. If an insurance company feels that the defendant doesn’t have enough assets to comply with the claim, they may not feel it necessary to seek full damages and try to fight for you. Insurance companies more often than not won’t cover damages that involve the insured committing intentional crimes. 


Although insurance companies are the entities that have the most money available to pay out claims, they may try to get out of paying the full amount. They are fully aware of the policies and what they’re contractually bound to pay, but may try to find loopholes or pay the bare minimum allowed in liability cases. If your injuries are serious enough though, the total amount you’re seeking may seem high to insurance companies, and they will try to find a way to avoid paying the full amount, leaving you in the dust. This is a case where a lawyer for a work injury may be in your best interest, as we will fight for you and the justice you seek. 


Injury Claims: What You May Receive

Filing and receiving claims is a difficult process, especially if you’re not sure of the payout. Depending on the insurance companies involved and the amount you’re asking for, it can be a long, drawn out process or a quick and painless operation. If you had to seek additional help from a lawyer as the claim wasn’t going to be fully awarded, a lot will hinge on what the defendant has to offer in terms of paying some of the claim. You may be entitled to some of the defendant’s assets or property to help award you the full claim monies. 


Every case and person involved is different, and the outcomes will vary depending on the circumstances of the case and what you are seeking in damages. It is out of the ordinary to pursue a defendant’s personal property, but if your lawyer in your work injury claim feels it’s the best course of action, it may result in a win. What this means for you is that you may receive compensation in the form of the defendant’s car, home, boat, or even savings accounts. A lot hinges on whether the defendant’s property has enough value to it, i.e. if the car is worth at least $1,000 after all other collateral is taken into account. 


Knowing What to Expect

The last thing you want to deal with after an injury is a long, drawn out process in receiving your full compensation. Having legal counsel to help you navigate throughout the entire process will help you understand what’s at stake, and what you can be awarded at the end of the day. Some insurance companies may attempt to offer a low payout, depending on your case, and that’s when your lawyer can offer guidance. Your lawyer should have the experience and knowledge to gauge the defendant and insurance companies culpability in your case, and find the maximum payout for you. Conducting analysis reports on the defendant and their property, along with combing through insurance policies can make the difference for your claim and your future. 


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