There are a few different reasons why drivers may lose control of vehicles. Most often, this is due to a computer malfunction, manufacturer defect, or an intoxicated driver. If you have recently been in an accident in Miami and suffered from a personal injury or property damage due to another driver losing control, contact The Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke today.


What Can Happen When Drivers Lose Control of Vehicles

When a driver loses control of their vehicle, it can cause significant damage to other drivers, bikers and pedestrians on the road. An out-of-control car may crash into a parked car or one stopped at a stoplight, collide with multiple cars, or strike somebody riding their bike or walking along the sidewalk. 


In the best-case scenario, an out-of-control car will cause damages to other vehicles, homes, businesses or things like light posts. Worst case, it can cause serious or even fatal injuries to other drivers, bikers or pedestrians. Because losing control of your vehicle can have such disastrous consequences, it is important to understand the main reasons why people lose control and how to reduce the chances of it happening.


The Main Thing That Causes Drivers to Lose Control

One of the leading causes of out-of-control vehicles today is faulty computer software within a car or truck’s electrical system. Modern cars, especially modern luxury cars, rely on some very sophisticated software that optimizes vehicle features. However, this advanced software always has the potential to malfunction. If the software malfunctions and the car goes out of control as a result, there is usually not much the driver can do about it. 


One common example of this is a faulty airbag. Because the airbags in modern cars use computer technology to determine when to deploy, faulty software may cause them to deploy for no reason while you are driving! Airbags deploying while someone is driving is one of the most common examples of computer malfunctions leading people to lose control of their vehicle. 


Other Common Factors That Cause Loss of Control

Some other factors that may cause a driver to lose control include:


  • Tire blowouts. When a blowout occurs, most people’s first instinct is to hit the brakes. However, this can cause the vehicle to spin out and lose control. Always make sure to check your tire pressure before going on long trips, and if you experience a blowout, guide your car in its natural direction and slowly hit the brakes until you get to safety.


  • Brake failures. Poor brake maintenance can cause your brakes to fail while you are driving. You should have your brakes serviced at least twice a year, and always take your car to be checked by a reputable mechanic if you notice any squeaking or grinding while applying the brakes.


  • Drunk or intoxicated driving. Driving intoxicated is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents. If you or a loved one were injured due to an out-of-control vehicle driven by an intoxicated driver, contact a car accident attorney in Miami.


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When drivers lose control of vehicles, it often causes bodily or property damage, and may even cause wrongful death. If you have lost control of your vehicle due to a mechanical error or manufacturer defect, or if you have been injured in Miami due to a negligent driver who lost control, contact The Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke today. 

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