There are different sides to any story, but that doesn’t mean you should be forgetting your own. If you’ve suffered an injury, chances are somebody could’ve prevented it with due diligence. A personal injury lawyer works for you to find out if you’ve been treated unfairly and helps you receive your just compensation. In cases where you’ve gained a disability due to an accident, cases where you’re unsure who is at fault, and cases where multiple parties are involved, you are likely entitled to financial recompense. The lawyers at The Law Office of Donald M. Kreke can help. If you’re living in Coral Gables and are unsure of your situation, stop googling “Florida personal injury attorney” and consult with us today.


A Personal Injury Lawyer Who’s On Your Side

Tons of law offices out there do shady or deceptive things to cheat you out of your money, and we are only able to fill you in on some of these tactics because we don’t engage in any of them ourselves. Many law office websites boast of a well-known name and promise an experienced, capable lawyer, when in fact you get a junior lawyer who may still be learning the ropes. You want someone you can trust with your case. If you’re trying to find a native to Florida personal injury attorney who knows all of the ins and outs of practicing law in Florida, you’ve come to the right place. 


When You Should Hire A Lawyer

Many kinds of damages are covered, some you might not be aware of. Physical as well as emotional suffering are grounds upon which you can seek compensation, in addition to the death of a partner, vehicle repair, and missed time at work. Reflect on how your injury has adversely affected your life, and your lawyer will be able to help set things right. Permanent disability and injuries are more than enough cause to seek compensation, so don’t hesitate. Also, people make mistakes, and you shouldn’t shoulder the burden of self-blame after an accident. Pressing charges is a way for multiple parties to take responsibility together; there is no reason you should be left to suffer on your own. If you feel like you’ve been left out in the cold when you’re sure you did nothing wrong, a lawyer can help you figure out how to set things right in your life again.


Lawyers Who Specialize In These Cases

You’re going to want to seek an attorney who only handles plaintiffs in personal injury cases and does not defend insurance companies. Only these lawyers have specialized experience and professional investment in making sure you get the compensation you deserve. You don’t want a lawyer who “does it all” and has only seen a couple of cases like yours; you want someone who can take a look at your case and draw upon experience from dozens of past cases with similar variables. There has never been a pair of accidents where everything played out in the same way. You need a lawyer who can compare your case, not to ten previous cases, but several hundred. 


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You don’t need to google “Florida personal injury attorney” because you’ve already found one. Get in touch with a personal injury lawyer at The Law Office of Donald M. Kreke in Coral Gables today to get your life back on track.

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