With Covid-19 still persistent throughout the United States, it’s imperative to keep you and your family safe during these trying times. Limiting outdoor activities and social distancing may make you think that you’re safer and less likely to suffer from a personal injury, but that may not be the case. If you find yourself in need of a Florida personal injury attorney, look no further than the law offices of Donald M. Kreke. Located in Miami, Florida, we are serving the community through remote communication for your continued safety. 


In Recent News

Happening in Orlando, a man was shot in a shopping mall parking lot from a nearby car. He entered the mall, where store employees saw him and called 911. The hunt is still on for the shooter, and the injured man is in stable condition. Injuries such as these are the kind of injury cases lawyers will handle. Whether the mall or someone else is held liable, there are a myriad number of ways this shooting could have happened, and the resulting aftermath you as the victim would have to sort out would ensue. 


A Key Biscayne high school was under fire with it’s recent surge in cases. With 25 teachers in quarantine and dozens of cases among the 200 students, there is debate on whether the virus is spreading during school hours or during non-school hours. The school district is saying that it’s external activities, such as sleep overs, parties and social gatherings that are bringing the virus into the school and thus spreading it throughout. Although it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how the outbreak is coming from, it’s vital to have legal counsel from a Florida personal injury attorney for many schools and businesses to keep these numbers down. There are many preventative measures that can be taken to decrease the number of positive cases all through Florida, keeping everyone safe. 


Personal Injury

A victim of personal injury occurs when a person suffers a physical injury. You can seek compensation for personal property damage but only if there is physical harm during the incident. A personal injury lawsuit seeks compensation for the victim and their family from the negligent person who caused the accident or incident. From the moment of the negligence and your resulting injury, under Florida law you will have four years to file a lawsuit to seek damages. It is always recommended to start speaking with a Florida personal injury attorney sooner rather than later, as it may take time to build a case even from the beginning. In some cases, this can apply to contracting Covid-19, depending on where you got it from. Just like with a regular personal injury claim, you will have to prove that the business or location had a duty to protect you from contracting the virus, and that they breached this duty through either minimal cleaning procedures or allowing positive patrons indoors. And from these actions, you can confirm that it was from this location that you contracted Covid-19 and may be eligible for damages and compensation. It can be tricky to prove overall, and some attorneys may not be willing to take a case on such as that, but it’s important to know your rights.


Protect Yourself

With the number of Covid-19 slowly starting to decrease, a new normal may be approaching the nation. Protecting yourself against this virus as well as any other forms of injury will keep you and your family safe for the rest of the year. Danger can lurk anywhere so being prepared with what you can do to seek justice will save you time, money and plenty of headaches following an injury.


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