Florida currently tops the list of traffic-related fatalities, with a reported 2900 vehicle accidents killing nearly 3200 people. Many of these accidents were caused by inexperienced and increasingly distracted teenage drivers. 


At The Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke, headquartered in Miami, we handle auto-related tragedies daily. We know firsthand the devastation and havoc one poor decision can wreak on a family’s future. The real tragedy is knowing that many fatalities can be avoided by understanding what causes traffic accidents and how they can be prevented.     


Smartphone Use: Number One Cause Of Accidents Involving Teenage Drivers  

Negligent smartphone use is set to become the number one cause of auto vehicle accidents in Florida. Coupled with inexperience, driver distraction is a recipe for disaster for teen drivers everywhere. The urge to remain constantly connected makes it difficult for teens to focus only on the task at hand, driving. 


For many teens, driving represents a rite of passage. Such rites aren’t experienced in a vacuum. They’re shared with the world. In other words, selfies are inevitable. It’s a big moment, and it makes sense that your teen wants to share it with their friends. But what moment they decide to capture and share could have devastating consequences young brains cannot fully fathom.   


Other Dangers Teen Drivers Face 

It’s not just smartphone usage that modern parents must contend with. The same challenges that have always faced teen drivers still face them today. The most glaring potential danger is driving under the influence. Many teens don’t fully understand that substances like alcohol affect adolescent brains differently from adults. If they get behind the wheel after even a drink or two, they may only realize their foolishness when it is too late. 


Of course, even under the best circumstances, teen drivers pose a greater risk than seasoned adult drivers. Driving is tricky and requires more skill than merely knowing how to steer and shift gears. Driving requires a deep understanding of traffic flow, braking distance and speed control – understanding that only experience can bring. 


An Ounce Of Prevention  

As a top car accident attorney Miami locals trust, we at The Law Offices of Donald M. Kreke deal with many accidents that could have been avoided. One of the most avoidable accident types is also one of the most common: rear-end collisions. These often occur when a distracted motorist fails to notice traffic flow has stopped, usually because they were texting or reading their phone. 


The best way to handle this is by encouraging teens to use smartphones responsibly while driving. For example, a teen might pull over to the side of the road to answer a text or use voice automation to have an incoming text read aloud. Here are some other essential safety tips to help keep your teen driver safe: 

  • Wear seatbelts
  • Never drive under the influence
  • Obey speed limits
  • Use mirrors
  • Be aware of surrounding traffic
  • Maintain safe braking distance


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